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Yahoo Customer Care Helpline Number India
Founders of Yahoo was Jerry Yang and David Filo were electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University
they have created a website named as "Jerry and David's lead to the World Wide Web" in 1994 and was renamed as "Yahoo!" in 1994.
The site was folders of others websites which organised in a power structure,as fought to a searchable index of pages."yahoo.com" field was created
in 1995,on Jan 18.The main quarters is at Sunnyvale,California,U.S.
It is globally known for its Web portal,search engine Yahoo Search,and other related services includes Yahoo Mail,Yahoo Directory,Yahoo News,Yahoo Groups,
Online mapping,Video sharing,Yahoo Answers,Advertising and other its social media website.Roughly 750 million people uses Yahoo websites every month.
It can be used in more than  half billion users every month in more than 30 languages.The Marissa Mayer Google executive was named as Yahoo CEO and President on Jul 16,2012,
Maynard Webb as chairman.Yahoo is an Web Search Engine,Computer Software and Internet and it was one of the most popular sites in the United States.
It has large corporations like Yahoo,Facebook,and Google acquire start up internet companies that generate loe amounts of revenue as way which connect with fast growing
online communications,sizeable.It operates Yahoo provides the latest news,sports information,entertainment and others portal sites gives users access other services like Yahoo Maps,Yahoo
Mail,Yahoo Finance,Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Messengers.It provides Internet communcation services like Yahoo Messengers,Yahoo Mail,for the e-mail services it would offers unlimited storage
to the users.Social networking services including products such as My Web,Yahoo Personals,Flickr andIncluding the user generated content Yahoo Buzz,MyBlogLog,Yahoo Buzz which are closed,
it produces numbers of products on 2011 April 21.
The different type of products and services which are available to us such as Communications,Content,Commerce,Advertising,Small business,Mobile services,Geoplanet,Yahoo Next,Yahoo Meme,Yahoo Boss,Yahoo connect,
Yahoo Axis,Yahoo SearchMonkey,Defunct servicesTwitter slide. For the mobile services,it offers more services for email,messaging,mobile blogging,as for the informations services,seraches and alerts and for the camera phone include entertainment,
ring tones,internet services.Its Internet search system in mobile services were called as Onesearch on 2007.This results includes news headlines,business listings,images or video  from
Flickr,local weather and links to other many sites.In this it offers shopping services like Yahoo Shopping,Yahoo Real Estate,Yahoo Travel which gather information and make commerical
transactions and purchase online.It can be useful for the purpose of small business services such as Yahoo Merchant Solutions,Yahoo Business Email,Yahoo Store to build their own stores
by using Yahoo tools.It launched the new Internet adversiment sales system called Panama on 2007.
Yahoo announced APT from Yahoo which was originally called AMP from Yahoo,online advertising management platfrom.Adopting the block of a beta version,
the Yahoo Publisher Network has again relaunched as an advertisement tool which that allows online publishers to monetize their sites with the use of
site relevant advertisements and it aimed that to provide more revelant serach results to users,better experiences,to increase monetization.
Yahoo's first logo came out in 1994 as when the company was founded it considered with three icons on each side of red color.The picture used on the
Yahoo home page onces consisted of the red color with black outline and shadows.In 2009,together with a subject redesign, the pics was changed to purple
without an outline or shadows.The new logo fianlly launched with an following video that showed it digital construction and published a individualised description
of design process on her Tumblr page. It launched new version "My Yahoo" individualised homepages and that access features such as email accounts,calendars,Flickr and other
Yahoo content,Internet content.
The site is available in over than 20 languages and it offers a multi-lingual interface.
The Indian Express described that the Yahoo have received 28000 requests for information about users from government in first five months and from that 13000 requests came
from the united states in 2013.
Yahoo was the 3rd most browsed site on the world wide web.Geocities was one of the first services to offer web pages to public and it was popular web hosting services
established in 1995.After ten years later the web host was closed,deleting seven million web pages because of this it was lost a great deal of information those sites and pages
were mirrored.Yahoo search Boss is a service that allows developers to build their search applications based on Yahoo's search technology.
In this,apporximately  they  are more than 13,200 employees in Yahoo.

Yahoo Customer care Service contact number: 1-866-562-7228
Billing TTY: 1-866-438-1601
yahoo customer care helpline number india Corporate Office: 1-408-349-3300
yahoo customer care support number india Corporate Fax: 1-408-349-3301
Yahoo Corporate Office Yahoo Address
Corporate Office Yahoo! Inc. 701 1st Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089
yahoo customer care India email ID :customer.care@yahoo.co.in

Yahoo India Address :
Yahoo!  – India Yahoo India Pvt Ltd
Unit No. 1261, 6th floor,
Building No.12, Solitaire Corporate Park,
No. 167, Guru Hargovindji Marg,
(Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road),
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 093

yahoo toll free number india: +91 22 3308 9600
Fax: +91 22 3308 9700
The Yahoo Email ID E-Mail address for Customer care is cc-advoc@yahoo-inc.com 

Email Login Support Email ID :

Yahoo! Groups Visit 

For Live online Support Visit :

Yahoo India Toll Free Number: 1-800-266-0010 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM ( From Monday to Saturday)
Yahoo toll free number:1-800-MY-YAHOO
yahoo customer care number india(1-800-699-2466)

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