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UPPCL Tollfree Customer Care UP Electricity Board Office Address Email Fax Phone

UPPCL Customer Care Toll free Numbers UP Electricity board lucknow office addres fax phone email UPPCL Customer Care tollfree Number: UP Electricity board Helpline 24/7 Customer Service Support Number / Complaint No, Support Email Id with full Contact Details

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation(UPPCL) Limited Official Website: : http://www.uppcl.org
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation(UPPCL) Limited Toll free : 1800-180-8752
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UPPCL Tollfree Customer Care UP Electricity Board Office Address Email Fax Phone

UPPCL Customer Care Number,Contact Number: UP Electricity board Helpline
Madhyanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Toll free :1800-180-0440
Pashchimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Toll free 1800-180-3002
Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited Toll free  1800-180-3023
Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited  Toll free 1800-180-5025

Phone:+91 52 2288 7701 , +91 52 2288 7703

Email Support: (Pl. E-Mail to uppclhelpline@up.nic.in for complaint)

UPPCL Head Office Address Lucknow
UP Power Corporation Limited
Shakti Bhawan, 14,
Ashok Marg,
Lucknow, UP,
Ph: 91-522-2287701-03

UPPCL will be professionally managed utility supplying reliable and cost efficient electricity to every citizen of the state through highly  motivated employees and state of art technologies, providing an economic return to our owners and maintaining leadership in the country.

CHAIRMAN UPPCLSri Sanjay Agarwal IAS2287827 / Rax-87012354828 / 2287785(f)cmd@uppcl.org
MD UPPTCLSri Vishal Chauhan IAS2287874 / Rax-8714md@upptcl.org
MD UPPCLSri A.P.Mishra2288377 / Rax-87082288410(f)md@uppcl.org
Director (F&A)Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh22878052287798(f)directorfin@uppcl.org
Director (P.M.& Admn)Sri R N Yadav22877872287789(f)director_p@uppcl.org
Director (Distribution)Sri K M Mittal22878042287824(f)directordist@uppcl.org
Director (Commercial)Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh22878062306937directorcomm@uppcl.org
Director (Corporate Planning)Sri R N Yadav2287826director-com@uppcl.org
Director (SLDC)Sri Ram SwarathRax-8509director_sldc@upptcl.org
Director (Works & Project UPPTCL)Sri Arun Pratap Singh2288622director_project@upptcl.org
Director (P&M) UPPTCL Sri Ram Vishal Pandey22878458004939121directorpna@upptcl.org
Director (Operation) UPPTCLSri Ram Vishal Pandey22878332328189director_op@upptcl.org
Director (Commercial) UPPTCLSri Promod Gopalrao Khandalkar22885302789990director_comm@upptcl.org
Staff Officer to ChairmanSri R K Jain2287811-Rax-8710-sochairman@uppcl.org
CE (Power System)Sri Ajay Chauhan22878792331380ceps@upptcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-1)Sri Pavendra Sharma22864562424415 / 9415220971adsecy.pm1@uppcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-2)Sri Brijesh Kumar Khare2288007 / 2288743(f)2320650 / 9453005807adsecy.pm2@uppcl.org
Add. Secty. (P&M-3) & First Appellate OfficerSri H. P. Verma22877049453005814adsecy.pm3@uppcl.org
Chairman (Vidyut Seva Ayog)Sri Adya Prasad23232502320650chairvsa@uppcl.org
Secty. (Service Commission)Sri Ajay Kumar Purwar23282522353343sectyvsa@uppcl.org
GM (Finance)Sri A K GuptaRax-83069415608151gmfn@uppcl.org
CE (CMUD)Sri Bali Ram Singh Chauhan22184149415006206cecmud@uppcl.org
C.E (C&C)Sri Gyan Prakash22880972431735cecc@upptcl.org
CE (Hydel)Sri Sudhir Kumar Shah2288656 Rax 82812717565cehydel@uppcl.org
CE (APDRP) AdvisorSri A K Srivastava22183499415046269cerapdrp@uppcl.org
CE (PPA)Sri Vinay Prakash Srivastava22878462716144ceppa@uppcl.org
CE (Enquiry Committee)Sri Alok Kumar23282522287037ceenquiry@uppcl.org
Executive Director (Planning)Sri Ravindra Kumar Sharma2287867ceplg@uppcl.org
CE (Planning)Sri Athar Husain Khan22878672304470ceplg@uppcl.org
Executive Director (RESPO)Sri Ayush Kumar22877332326286cerespo@uppcl.org
Director General (ETI)Sri Mohit Arya2476347
Director (ETI)Sri N P Saxena24763478005493736director_eti@uppcl.org
C.E (Computerisation)Sri Suresh RamRax 88032394335cecomputer@uppcl.org
C.E (Commercial)Sri Arvind Kumar Pathak22878692418027cecomm@uppcl.org
CE (D&P)Sri A S Prasad22878722325902cednp@uppcl.org
CE (765KV & 400KV Transmission Design)Sri C M MathurRax 8664
CE (CMUT)Sri R P JaiswalRax 8695
CE(RAU)Sri Sukhendu Joshi22878422462744cerau@uppcl.org
CE(RAU) AdvisorSri Mohd. Gufran22878422462744cerau@uppcl.org
CE Civil-ISri R K Singh23496262347125cecivil1@uppcl.org
CE Civil-IISri Sudhir Kumar Shah22185849415006467cecivil2@uppcl.org
JS EM01Sri S N Dikshit 22878269453005812js.01@uppcl.org
JS EM02Sri Sanjeev Shukla22878139453005810js.02@uppcl.org
JS (H/Q)Sri Atul Kumar22878129935513551js.hq@uppcl.org
JS (AQ)Sri Atul KumarRax 84199415220971js.aq@uppcl.org
JS (DP)Sri A K Tiwari2287810941522078js.dp@uppcl.org
JS (KVN)Rax- 8430jskvn@uppcl.org
JS (T&MPI)Sri Vineet KumarRax 8327js.tmpi@uppcl.org
JS (N.G.)Rax 82329453005824js.ngreg@uppcl.org
JS (Works)Sri Rajendra Pratap SrivastavaRax 84192340716js.works@uppcl.org
GM (IR)Sri Kaushal Chand Saxena22878142471669gmir@uppcl.org
D.G.M. (IR)Rax 84629453007402dgm.ir@uppcl.org
Secretary (Trust)Sri P. K. Gupta2288187sectytrust@uppcl.org
Dy. Secretary (Trust)Sri N. K. Gupta2288195-jstrust@uppcl.org
EE (A) CE (C&C)Sri Mohd Waris KhanRax - 84079415311803wariskhan@uppcl.org
DS- 2ASri Subodh Kumar SharmaRax-84169453005825ds2a@uppcl.org
DS (T&MPI)Sri Indra ManiRax -86109454468980dstmpi@uppcl.org
DS- 07Sri P K SinghRax-9453005824ds07@uppcl.org
DS- 03/04Sri Mohd SaghirRax-86129415608186ds.0304@uppcl.org
DS- 2BSri SadanandRax-84169453005816ds.2b@uppcl.org
DS (WORKS)Sri R K SrivastavaRax-83279415608159dsworks@uppcl.org
DS (Gopan)Sri V K GuptaRax-85189453005850dsgopan@uppcl.org
DS -5BSri Aditya SaxenaRax-8118ds5b@uppcl.org
DS.(05E)Sri Sanjeev Kumar94530058032394544ds05e@uppcl.org
Public Information OfficerSri Deepak SrivastavaRax 83299454468991piouppclhq@uppcl.org
CMODr. Rajeev Chaturvedi94151046732207904cmo.dr@uppcl.org
PROMs. Sadhna Wal2218226(O)walpro@uppcl.org
PROSri K K Singh0522-22889609415901139pro2@uppcl.org
Chief Sports OfficerSri Sanjeev Kapoor22182199415000684spo@uppcl.org
EE (Pension Cell EMU Shakti Bhawan)Sri Vishwa Deep AmbardarRax-81579415114075eepc@uppcl.org
E E (H/Q)Sri J. B. Singh94151140899415114078 / 76eemu@uppcl.org
A E (H/Q) (Shakti Bhawan)Sri Shailendra Kumar2287701-Rax-82189415019905ae.hq@uppcl.org
Care Taker (Shakti Bhawan)Sri J S Saxena2287701-Rax-82259415114081caretaker@uppcl.org
Shakti Bhawan ExchangeLucknow 2218222 / Rax-8222
SLDCSystem Control ,Lucknow2287819 / 2287890-
Field Hostel LucknowLucknow2206119
Vigilence & Enforcement
ADG (Vig)Sri G P SharmaRax-8759 / 22878759415019538adgvig@uppcl.org
SP (Vig)Sri Mh. Nizam Hasan22861079415114082spvig@uppcl.org
DIG (Enforce)Sri Onkar Singh22085259454400330spenforce@uppcl.org
Law Wing
Law OfficerSri Subhash Chandra Sharma HJS22878302280470lawoff@uppcl.org
Dy Law OfficerSri Rajedra Prasad22878072324326dylawoff@uppcl.org
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