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NCH Online Complaint In Consumer Court- Step By Step Procedure To File

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National Consumer Helpline Official Website :  www.nationalconsumerhelpline.in
Complaint Registration : Click Here 
Nationalconsumerhelpline Toll Free National Toll Free : 1800 11 4000 
. (All Working days - Mon-Sat, 09.30 AM to 05.30 PM ) SMS can also be sent to +918130009809 (charges apply) mentioning the name and city .

NCH Email Support- web@nationalconsumerhelpline.in

NCH is a project of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs and has recently been shifted from University of Delhi to the Indian Institute of Public Administration . NCH now operates under the Centre for Consumer Studies at IIPA from 2nd Week of May 2014.The project recognizes the need of 
consumers for a Telephone Helpline to deal with a multitude of problems arising in their day-to-day dealings with business and service providers.

A complaint can be filed by a complainant against the seller, manufacturer, or dealer of goods which are defective or against the provider of services, if they are deficient in any manner whatsoever. Likewise, if you become the victim of some of the below illegal performances and want to make a complaint then you can file An Online Complaint In Consumer Court.

Procedure To File An Online Complaint In Consumer Court
Following are the Step By Step instructions to file an Online Complaint in Consumer Court:
    First of all the candidates should visit the Official Website at core.nic.in
    Now go to the consumer complaint section.
    Select the complaint category, if you want to file a complaint regarding Products / Service Provider / Others then select the 1st option.
    This will opened a new page containing registration form. Fill the form and registered first.
    Now fill the application form with the required details and press the submit button.
    If you want to file Complaints under Emblems and Names then you can mail to dirit-ca@nic.in

What Is RTI

To file a complaint at forum is a requisite for many but because of the unawareness in the process to be followed usually is left the way it is. The forum has an online application form where you can lodge your complaints easily.

With the growth in India Market, the competition also increased which created many problems for a consumer like Overcharge by Retailer, Duplicity of the product. To avoid this exploitation of the consumer some policies were reinvented and made live so that the consumer may have the power to oppose against overcharged asked for the commodity he/ she buys.

The consumer is the king of the market but this was left far away due to the competition. Then in 1991 the Indian Govt. made many provisions, acts and right for the Indian Consumer to provide justice if he/she complaints against a firm.

You may file a complaint In Consumer Court for:
    Overcharged by the Retailer
    Duplication of products
    If price are more than the MRP
    If the product is expired
    If Quantity is low

The main aim of this Forum is to provide justice and the enough compensation is honored to the party who undergo with experienced. Consumer Forum allows Consumers to say their opinion and file their complaints so that they are heard and proper actions are taken. Consumer Forum takes due care of customer issues.

Earlier people were not aware of their rights, but now with of complaint forum, Customers have become more responsible towards consumer rights.
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