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What’s going on?

Everyone deserves a break as we all got to deal with the hectic schedules 
all the day and what makes that break more refreshing than some of 
the events over our neighborhood or any place nearby our city? 
This concept is the underpinning of Buzzintown.com. Buzzintown.com is an 
online website that’s all about the happenings that are buzzing around your town. 
This will help you plan out things for your days off. Musical, concerts, 
plays, book reads, sports, live bands, expos, exhibitions and about everything that totally fits a social bee.
You might probably ponder that “we have newspapers, 
media and other resources to get to know what’s happening around us. So, 
what makes it so special or a stand-out?” – It is far more informative than your TV, 
news paper or say, radio. Better exploration of every nook and cranny 
that not just only include some celebrities or some nationally well-known persons, 
it also helps to present the endeavors of the people who have the local presence. 
This will help you find what’s beyond celebrity world and discover more skills and fun.
Even you can post what’s going on your place. This might help you or someone you know to 
get proper exposure for the talent you possess (ex: music, art, dance, etc). Celebrate your time well.
For more details visit www.buzzintown.com 

For Online Advertising , Events & Restaurant Promotions:

India - North :
Ajay Ratra
Asstt. Manager - Sales & Affiliations
M: +91.9810441164
E-mail: ajayr@buzzintown.com

India - South :
Priya Anand
Dy. Manager - Sales & Affiliations
M: +91.9980299334
Email: priyab@buzzintown.com

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