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Pathan attack Mobile Number,Help Line Number,Phone Number

Pathankot attack Mobile Number,Help Line Number,Phone Number |Pathankot attack Whatsapp Number,Address,Location,Facebook,Twitter

Pathankot attack detail,phone number,email id,whatsapp number,facebook page,twitter account|Pathankot location detail,Pathankot address
Pathankot Attack is recently attack but it is very secret. on 2 January 2016 a heavily armed the group attacked Pathankot air force station the many questions swirling around the Pathankot attack, this is one of the most troubling: was it facilitated by the network of drug and arms smugglers in Punjab.Indeed former Punjab DGP Shashikant Told that the Puzzle of the attack can not be solved unless there a fair Investigaion into the nexus that could have result in it. as of now however the Investigation is focused on superintendent of police Salwinder singh who as allegedly abducted by the attacker on the nigh 31 December before they struck the air base. Salwinder sing was claimed he left the shrine he had visited the night he was abducted at around 11 PM,But his friend Rajesh Says they left at the 10.45PM.the caretaker of the shrine som Raj has re portly told the investigation that they arrived at 9 Pm and left By 9.30Pm.four attacker and three security forces personnel were killed in the initial battle.the gun battle and the subsequent combing operation lasted about 17 hours on 2 January.the attacker who are wearing India army fatigues.On the morning of 2 January 2016 at around 0330 IST at least six heavily armed people dressed in Indian Army uniforms breached the high security perimeter of the airbase in Pathankot.
Pathankot attack death detail –
Location – Patthankot AFS Punjab India.
Date – 2 January to 5 January began at 3.30 Am
Target – India Air force
Attack Type – Shooting
Weapons – AK -47,Grenades IED
Deaths – 6 attackers
1 civilian and 7 security person and 15 defense security corps .
Pathankot social detail –
Pathankot phone number – 092 3017775253
Pathankot Attack email id – Pathankot@yahoo.nic.in
Pathankot Attack facebook page – www.faceboo.com/Pathankot
Pathankot Attack twitter account – www.twitter.com/Pathankot
Pathankot Attack website link – www.Pathankot.net
Pathankot Attack youtube link – www.youtube.com/Pathankot attack
Pathankot Attack address – Pathankot AFS Punjab India.
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