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Martin Shkreli is an American entrepreneur andFINANCIAL
and pharmaceutical executive.he was born on 1 Aprail
1983 in Brooklyn ,New York,Unites states.he was
belonged from American family.he is co founder of the
hedgeFUND msmb capital management ,co founder and
former ,chief executive officer,of the biotechnology firm
retrofitting llc.he is founder and former CEO of truing
pharmaceuticals AG in September 2015.his occupation
is corporation executive ,hedgeFUND and manager and
ENTREPRENEUR.he was completed his study from Hunter
collage high school.he was known for playing his guitar
and looking atSTOCKS in the newspaper .shkreli
eventually stopped attending classes and was asked to
leave the school before his senior year .bur received his
diploma through a program that placed him in an
internship at the wall street hedgeFUND creamer
,berkowitz and company .when he was sources are
confilcted on whether shkereli graduate from hunter
collageand graduated from city as school high school in
2000.Martin Shkreli started his career at cramer
berkowitz ,he recommended short selling a biotech
STOCK,beleving that the company share price would
drop.when it did so cramer hedgeFUND profited in
2003.he was regeneron pharmaceticals was testing a
weight loss drug and drug and skreli at age 19
predicated that theSTOCK price would fall.he is most
successful man… from September 2014 to December
2014, Shkreli was named in four lawsuits filed by
Retrofitting investors in New York’s Southern District.
These suits accused him of having profited through
insider trading and making “materially false and
misleading statements” that “artificially inflated” the
company’s stock price. Shkreli is also being sued by
Retrophin. According to that suit, which was filed in
August, the company’s board ousted him as CEO last
September. Retrofitting, which is seeking $65 million in
damages, alleges Shkreli engaged in multiple “self-
dealing schemes” while he was at the company. Many
of these alleged schemes would have benefited MSMB
Capital Management, a defunct healthcare-focused
hedgeFUND he helped found. this is most adventure man
of best Talented.
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