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Bharat Heavy Electrical Mobile Number,Phone Number,Email Id

Bharat Heavy Electrical Mobile Number,Phone Number,Email Id |Bharat Heavy Electrical Whatsapp Number,Office Address,Contact Number,Facebook,Twitter

Bharat Heavy Electricals personnel detail,email id,phone number,whatsapp number,facebook page,twitter account,you tube|Bharat Heavy Electricals Head office,Service detail
Bharat Heavy Electricals is a power plant equipment manufacturing company based in New Delhi,India.it was started in 1964 by Government of India.it is largest engineering and manufacturing company.the company has been earning profit continuously since 1971 to 1972 and paying dividends uninterruptedly since 1976 -77.it has established the capability to deliver 20,000 MW p.a. in 1982 it entered into power equipment to reduce.its dependence on the power sector.it development the capability to produce a variety of electrical electronic and mechanical equipments for all sectors as, transmission ,transportation,oil and gas and other allied industries.in 1991 it was converted in to a public limited company.the company handover 100 electronic locomotive to Indian Railway and Installed 250 Hydro sets across India.Bharat Heavy Electrical is engaged in the design,Engineering,Manufacturing,Construction,Testing,Communication and servicing of a wide range of product,systems and services for the core sectors of the economy,viz power,transmission,Industry,Transportation,renewable energy,oil & gas and defense.it has a network of 17 manufacturing units, 4 regional offices,8 service centers,8 overseas office,15 regional centers,7 joint ventures and Infrastructure allowing it to execute more than 150 project at sites across Indian and Abroad.it has retained its market leadership position during 2013-14 with 72% market share in the power sector.its highest ever commissioning of 13,45 MW of Power plants in domestic and international markets in 2013-14.it is the most ever successful company of India.
Bharat Heavy Electrical service provide detail –
1. Power –
Air presheasters
control relay panel
fabric filters
gas turbines
piping systems
2. Industry –
Desalination Plants
Diesel Generating Sets
Industrial Motors & Alternators
Gas Turbines
Oil Field Equipment
Solar Photovoltaic
3. Transmission –
Power Transformers/Reactors
Instrument Transformers
Control & Protection Equipment
Thyristor equipment
4. Transportation –
Electric Rolling Stock
Electrics for Rolling Stock
Electrics for Urban
Transportation System
5. Non Conventional Energy source –
Mini/Micro Hydro Sets
Solar Lanterns
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Water Heating Systems
Wind Electric Generators
6. R&D Product –
Fuel Cells
Surface Coatings
Automated storage & Retrials
Load Sensors
Transparent Conducting Oxide
Bharat Heavy Electricals contact detail –
Head office address –
BHEL house siri fort New Delhi,India.
phone number – 011 2649303021
email id – exports@bhel.in
Bharat Heavy Electricals social detail –
Bharat Heavy Electrical phone number – 011 26493021
Bharat Heavy Electrical email id – export@bhel.in
Bharat Heavy Electrical whatsapp number – NA
Bharat Heavy Electrical Facebook page – www.facebook.com/BharatHeavyElectricals
Bharat Heavy Electrical twitter account – www.twitter.com/@BharatHeavyElectricals
Bharat Heavy Electrical you tube link – www.twitter.com/BharatHeavyElectricals
Bharat Heavy Electrical official website link – www.Bharat Heavy Electricals.org
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