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Bangalore Development Authority Mobile Number,Phone number,Email Id

Bangalore Development Authority Mobile Number,Phone number,Email Id |Bangalore Development Authority Office Address,Contact Number,Facebook,Twitter

Bangalore Development Authority personnel detail,phone number,email id,whatsapp number,phone number,facebook page,twitter account,youtube,website|Bangalore Development Authority Head office,branch address
Bangalore Development Authority is a Government organization of India.it is principal planning authority for Bangalore.it function based to the Karnataka Town and country planning Act of 1961.it is a regulatory body required to prepare in the prescribed manner a comprehensive development plan.Bangalore Development Authority was began in 6th January 1976.the Bangalore Development Authority came into existence in 1976 as a successor to the erstwhile city Improvement trust board.it is given us totally completed our us needs and social needs,housing needs,etc.since inception the BDA has allotted 76000 sites to individuals for construction of residential dwellings.it is addition in almost 800 civic amenity sites have been given for use by various public utilities.it is the larges,medium and small industries and the consequent in population has give rise to a number of formidable problem.this Authority combined in itself the planning function of the city planning authority and development function of C I T B.the Bangalore Authority is the best planning and development Agency for the Bangalore Metro politician area and her future.the Authority can take up land acquisition and development scheme housing schemes more..Bangalore Development Authority has power for controlling the development and enforcement of the plan and also power to implement development scheme.it is the best and very biggest success future planning Authority of India.
Service provide detail –
Town planning
Land Acquisition
Allotment General
Public Relations
Building construction
Bangalore Development Authority contact detail –
Chairman –
T. Chowdaiah Road Kumarapark west Bangalore.
phone number – 23342716
email id – chmn@bdabangalore.org
Commissioner –
E.chowdaiah Road Kumarapark Bangalore.
phone number – 080 23360843
email id – com@bdabangalore.org
Superintend of Police –
T. Chowdaiah Road Kumarapark West Bangalore.
phone number – 23364227
email id – sp@bdabangalore.org
Public relations wing –
T. chowdaiah road kumara park west Bangalore.
phone number – 23464064
email id – pro@bdabangalore.org
Deputy commissioner –
T. chowdaiah Road Kumarapark West Bangalore.
phone number – 23368614
email id- dc@bdabangalore.org
Bangalore Development Authority social detail –
Bangalore Development Authority phone number – 23342716
Bangalore Development Authority email id –chmn@dbabangalore.org
Bangalore Development Authority whatsapp number – NA
Bangalore Development Authority facebook page – www.facebook.com/BangaloreDevelopmentAuthority
Bangalore Development Authority twitter account – www.twitter.com/@BangaloreDevelopmentAuthority
Bangalore Development Authority youtube link – www.youtube.com/Bangalore Development Authority
Bangalore Development Authority official website link – www.Bangalore Development Authority.org
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