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Ted Lapidus Contact, Email Address

Ted Lapidus is a Paris based company that was established in the year 1951 by French Fashion designer Edmond “Ted” Lapidus. It is a famous brand that offers wide range of stylish fashion accessories and fragrances. Ted lapidus watches are equipped with many latest features and are available for both men and women. It offers luxurious look to the users with the attractive detailing that perfectly suits formals and casuals. The company even offers different sport watches that are featured with comfortable leather strap and with superior quality. Tad Lapidus watches are water resistant and have long durability.


Email Address: sguerin@jbogart.com, psfara@jbogart.com
If you have any queries regarding the company products and services or if you are interested to know more details about the Ted Lapidus, kindly make use of the Email address provided above and get it solved. For further more information about the company products and services, please refer to the Ted lapidus website.
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