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Serenity Healthcare – Customer Care Number, Head Office Address

Serenity is a health care products manufacturing company started in the mod 19thcentury. The company started initially as a store for sofa manufacture in Nottingham. The company focuses on building the latest sofa with excellent designs in the initial days. It then established itself as the trading company in London in the year 1918 and started engaging in the manufacturing of medical equipment. At present the company launched the massage chair in India under the leadership of Ratandeep Singh.
The company invested a huge amount to start introduce the healthcare products in India and hence a well equipped and excellent machines are launched in India few months back. These machines are designed by well trained professionals and released in the market after the thorough check by their team. Massage Chair, Shoulder Massager, Head Massager, Eye Massager, Mini Life Care etc are different products available in India.
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For any enquiries about the products and for any other queries, customers can make use of below contact details.
Phone Number: +91-161-2535101 . 2545101 / 2547970.
Mobile Number: +91-9317804252.
Email Id: serenity@serenity-india.com .
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Serenity Halthcare.
541, Harkrishna Pura,
Gill Road,
Ludhiana – 03, (pb),
Harikrishna Replace with 2nd Floor.
For latest equipment or any other details, customers can refer the company Website .
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