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Montbalanc Customer Care Number India

Montbalanc is a multinational company which was established in the year 1906. It is a German based company which deals with manufacturing of pens, leathers, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, perfumes and cufflinks. Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehimias, August Eberstein are the founder of the company. Over the years it had been popularized and had gained enviable recognition in the market. It operates 449 boutiques across the world covering many countries including India. It is specialized in manufacturing wide range of pens in special designs and the pens brought after 1990 have been marketed with the serial number located on the ring at top of the clip. Montbalanc offers warranty on all its products and assures its customers with its quality based products.


If you have any problem with the pens or to enquire about the new pens please make use of the  Contact Form provided. To avail that service customers are requested to make use of the provided link .
People who collect pens and who are die hard fans of Montbalanc pens please visit the website for new models.
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