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Martin Logan – Customer Service Number, Head Office Address, Website

Martin Logan is an electronic manufacturing company started by two people Martin and Logan. These two people met in the late 70’s and shared the passion for music and invented the electrostatic loud speakers. For users who are seeking the good sonic purity and clarity, electro static held a great performance. With its excellent design and good sound levels, the company satisfies the needs of customers even today. Even though most of the company models failed, models like KLH Model 9, Quad ESL came into existence with excellent sound quality.
KLH is one of the models that is very big and expensive. To bring out the better products, Martin and Logan developed a prototype in the year 1980 that sounded even better than their previous products and turned up the volume with lightning storm and music. Subwoofers, Head Phones, Wireless Systems, Motion Series, Electro static Speakers etc are different product of the company.


For any enquiries about the products, customers can call the below number and complaint can be written to following head office address.
Phone Number: +91-22 66716544 / +91-22 66716539.


Lalani Aura,
5th Floor,
34th Road,
Bandra West,
Mumbai – 400 050.
For more details and latest products, customers can refer the company Website:www.martinlogan.com .
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