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Leapfrog – Contact Details, Phone Number, Email Support

Leapfrog is a child based company that created the award winning products to small children and creates delight in the faces of children. These products engage and inspire the children and make them reach their potential. The company believes that children can learn different things through the best products and also design the products according to their tastes.
With these products, children can feel everyday fun and enjoy the learning. The company is striving hard since its inception to bring entirely the new ways of learning and inspiring millions of kids all the way. The in-house team and experts of the company guides the children all the way through its innovative products and books. Cartridge Games, Toddler Games, Tablet Accessories, Learning Toys till 5 years etc are different products of the company.


For any queries or to order the products, customers can make use of following contact details.
Phone Number: +91-30262626.
Contact Number: +91-30262640.
Email Id: Philip@funskool.co.in .
Fax: +91-30262627.
All the Leapfrog products are available in India in Funskool India Ltd. and people can buy the product in the available stores in India. For latest leapfrog products, customers can refer the company Website .
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