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Envy Mobile Customer Care And Support

Envy is one of the leading mobile handset wholesaler and distributor globally with its main headquarters located at Dallas, Texas. With the experience of 25 years, the company is mainly focused to provide the quality handsets at below wholesale prices to its authorized agents. It holds R&D team who are committed to bring new products with dedication. It also features fast delivery, highly competitive prices, extra value and many more. Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Vodafone, Sony ericsson, Black berry, LG, Pantech are some of the companies to which Envy provide distribution services. Any kind of products ranging from small accessories to handsets, the company takes in charge of delivering the goods to its retailers.
Envy Customer Support– If you have any queries regarding the products or services offered by the company, kindly make use of the below mentioned contact form to submit queries or concerns to the Customer Support Team.
Envy Mobile

For more details regarding the Envy Mobile Accessories, Handsets, Prices, etc, kindly visit the company official website.
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