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Avermedia Customer Support Number & Contact Email

Avermedia Technologies, Inc is a Taiwan based company that was established in 1990 by Michael Kuo and his friends. It mainly focuses on continuous researching and developing digital imaging technology and applications and bringing out the new products with its innovative technologies. It is specialized in PC, Tablet, mobile TV watching solutions, high definition video and real time audio visual product design manufacturing and marketing. Capture cards, PVR & TV Tuner cards/boxes/sticks, IPTV Gateway, TV tuners, capture cards, Game capture and streaming cards/boxes are the products offered by the company.
Customer Support Number– If you have any issues related to the company products, kindly make use of the below mentioned Email Address Or Phone Number and get it solved by the Customer Service Team.


Customer Service Number: 91-8860074211.
Contact Number: 91-9339207519.
Email Address: sanjay_gogia@adityagroup.com.
Sales Enquiry: AVT.Sales@avermedia.com.
Marketing/Press Contact: AVT.PMK@avermedia.com.
If you are interested to know more information about the company products and services, kindly visit the company official website.
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