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Zuari Customer Service Number India, Address

Zuari is a furniture manufacturer who design and manufacture furnitures for living room, dining room, for office use, homes etc. The company produces quality furnitures through brand of Indian Furniture Products at low prices.
The company has invested more than 15 million dollars to make quality furniture material to its customers. It also imports its products to the countries like France, Germany, Belgium and UK.  The company follows the IFP i.e Indian Furniture Products Limited and has exported its products to countries such as France, UK, Germany, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, Maldives, Tanzania, Bangladesh, and marketed its furniture through their leading retail chains.  Because of the demand the company has also started to outsource the products fully to meet customers requirement and specifications.


If have any complaints regarding the products and services you can contact the below numbers. You can also write your queries through Email id as mentioned below.
Customer Service Number: 91-44-2852 8731
Phone Number:91-44-2854 5343


Zuari Furniture “Zuari House”
41, Montieth Road,
Chennai-600 008.
If you looking for more information for living, dining and bedroom furniture you can refer the website. You can also share your feedback through Facebook.
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