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Sonor Customer Care, Email Id, Contact

Sonor designs and produces musical instruments. It was started in the year 1875 and was founded by Johannes. For more than a decade the company was delivering its products which is possible because of the experienced staff and professionals who had put forward their efforts all the time. These products are used by renowned musicologists and also artists for their movies. The company had introduced major products following quality standards and also looks forward for further development.
The company received the highest design award in Germany in the year 1994 and it is the first musical instruments company that remains to achieved a lot till now. It produced mallet instruments, vibraphones, metallophones and also glockenspiels and it also included major improvements in all these products. It helps to maintain the direct contact with your body and can also have the physical sensation of sound, power of rhythm etc.


For any queries on the musical instruments please send a mail to the below mentioned email id or use the Contact Form to submit your view or issues.
Email Idinfo@sonor.de .
For more details, you can refer the company Website .
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