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Kaymo Contact Number, Head Office Address, Email Id

Kaymo was started in the year 1959 and it is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that produces machines tools which are used for different tasks. The company works on 4 principles like integrity, win- win, customer delight and excellence. It is a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic, electric and staplers, Concrete Nailers, Flooring Nailers, Hammer Trackers, Pinners etc.
The company produced more than 70 different models and these tools can be used for more than 300 consumables that help to fasten the applications. These fasteners are available in different sizes and also lengths. These products are used for various applications by the end user and these products are committed to quality. There are about 5 office located in cities in India. The nailing product are about 20 times faster than the manual nailing and is also easy and safe for operating it.


Following are the contact details of the company for any inquiries.
Phone Number: 022 249 52966.
Email Idsales@kaymo.com .


Kaymo Fastener Company
S2, Laxmi Woollen Mill Estate,
Shakti Mill Lane, Off. Dr. E.Moses Rd,
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 011.
Fax: 022-2493-6823.
For more details about the other machine tools available with kamyo, you can refer the company Website .
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