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Ameda Customer Care, Email Support, Customer support

Ameda is breast pumps manufacturing company that was started over 70 years ago. This was started by Swedish Engineer who made things easier for mothers. He created the first comfortable breast pump that is useful for nursing infants. The company concentrates on producing the latest machines with excellent features and these are also easy to use. These products are said to have innovative technology exactly expected by mothers of 21st century.
The company is striving hard to deliver the products of unmatching quality and these products are available for Indian through online websites or in many stores in India. It follows the caption “Mom Inspired, Hospital Trusted” and the line is proved really with its products. Not only producing the products, the company also takes out suggestions from the customers or if mothers have any queries related to their infants, you can also get suggestions from the company professionals.


Following are the contact details of the company that helps the mothers to get their queries or issues solved with the company products.
Email Idorders@ameda.com .
Working Hours: Monday to Friday: 8AM to 5Pm.
Customer Supportinternationalsales@ameda.com .
For more details about the company and its products, you can refer the company Website .
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