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Ajanta Customer Care Number, Head Office Address

Ajanta is a Kolkata based wall clocks manufacturing company.  They also supply steam iron, quartz heater, induction stove, sandwich toaster, etc. The company understands the complete market functions and carries its business without any hassles. It tries to gain the trust from its customers providing the quality products all the time and deliver the products at correct time.
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They are eminent manufacturers and they also exporter of wall clock like Ajanta Clock, Quartz Clock, Digital Clock, Induction Stove etc under the brand names like Ajanta and Overa. It had strong market presence in India supplying the high end products to far end customers. These products also meets the high international quality standard and it also suits the current generation. They have a team of experienced professionals who works for the company for 24×7 offering cost effective solutions to its customers. The company serves its customers in an ethical manner giving them the value for money and also time.
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Following are the contact details of the company that helps customers to get their queries or issues solved.
Phone Number: +91 33 22485788.


115, Todi Chambers, 1St Floor,
Lal Bazar Street,
Kolkata – 700001,
West Bengal, India.
Fax: 91-33-22480527.
For more details about the company and for latest collection, you can refer the companyWebsite .
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